• 800 N Clinton St, Syracuse, NY 13220
  • 315-436-2320

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Destiny Arms of Syracuse New York offers 17 exquisitely designed floor plans, with prices starting at $1,350. Our community promises a premium apartment living experience unlike any other. We are conveniently located in the heart of downtown Syracuse, a stones throw from the city center and DestiNY USA Mall. Those who enjoy socializing with friends and business colleagues can take advantage of our open roof top. So why wait? Luxurious living awaits you!

Apartments Amenities and Add-On Features

  • • Wireless Home Automation Control Panel

  • • Private terrace

  • • Smart Phone Controlled Thermostat

  • • Parking Lot Control with Automatic Operator for Tenants

  • • Light and Appliance Controllers

  • • High Definition Surveillance Covering the Entire Perimeter of the Building and Parking Lot

  • • Spacious walk-in closets

  • • Remotely Controlled Lock

  • • Prime Downtown Location

ApartmentUnitBathsTotal Sq. Ft.AvailabilityPriceFloor Plans3D Tour
1012 Bedroom1.5 Bathroom1,208LeasedView Floor Plans3D Tour
1021 Bedroom1 Bathroom954LeasedView Floor Plans3D Tour
1031 Bedroom1 Bathroom1,043LeasedView Floor Plans
1041 Bedroom1 Bathroom832LeasedView Floor Plans
1051 Bedroom1 Bathroom1,015Available September$1,650View Floor Plans
1061 Bedroom1 Bathroom848LeasedView Floor Plans
1072 Bedroom1 Bathroom1,079LeasedView Floor Plans3D Tour
1081 Bedroom1 Bathroom901LeasedView Floor Plans
1091 Bedroom1 Bathroom805LeasedView Floor Plans
1101 Bedroom1 Bathroom803LeasedView Floor Plans
1111 Bedroom1 Bathroom812LeasedView Floor Plans
1121 Bedroom1 Bathroom811LeasedView Floor Plans
1131 Bedroom1 Bathroom946LeasedView Floor Plans3D Tour
1141 Bedroom1 Bathroom855LeasedView Floor Plans
1151 Bedroom1 Bathroom702LeasedView Floor Plans
1161 Bedroom1 Bathroom876LeasedView Floor Plans3D Tour
1172 Bedroom1.5 Bathroom1,559LeasedView Floor Plans
2012 Bedroom1.5 Bathroom1,227LeasedView Floor Plans
2021 Bedroom1 Bathroom967LeasedView Floor Plans
2031 Bedroom1 Bathroom1,060LeasedView Floor Plans
2041 Bedroom1 Bathroom859LeasedView Floor Plans
2051 Bedroom1 Bathroom1,031LeasedView Floor Plans3D Tour
2062 Bedroom1.5 Bathroom1,152LeasedView Floor Plans3D Tour
2072 Bedroom1 Bathroom1,097Available July$1,800View Floor Plans3D Tour
2082 Bedroom1 Bathroom1,096LeasedView Floor Plans3D Tour
2091 Bedroom1 Bathroom819LeasedView Floor Plans3D Tour
2101 Bedroom1 Bathroom816LeasedView Floor Plans
2111 Bedroom1 Bathroom825LeasedView Floor Plans
2121 Bedroom1 Bathroom824LeasedView Floor Plans
2131 Bedroom1 Bathroom925LeasedView Floor Plans
2141 Bedroom1 Bathroom854LeasedView Floor Plans
2151 Bedroom1 Bathroom690LeasedView Floor Plans
2161 Bedroom1 Bathroom897LeasedView Floor Plans
2172 Bedroom2 Bathroom1,559LeasedView Floor Plans3D Tour
3012 Bedroom1.5 Bathroom1,256LeasedView Floor Plans3D Tour
3021 Bedroom1 Bathroom990LeasedView Floor Plans3D Tour
3031 Bedroom1 Bathroom1,073LeasedView Floor Plans3D Tour
3041 Bedroom1 Bathroom856LeasedView Floor Plans
3051 Bedroom1 Bathroom1,046LeasedView Floor Plans3D Tour
3062 Bedroom1.5 Bathroom1,143LeasedView Floor Plans3D Tour
3072 Bedroom1 Bathroom1,082LeasedView Floor Plans3D Tour
3082 Bedroom1 Bathroom1,096LeasedView Floor Plans
3091 Bedroom1 Bathroom818LeasedView Floor Plans
3101 Bedroom1 Bathroom812Available Mid July$1,550View Floor Plans
3111 Bedroom1 Bathroom847LeasedView Floor Plans
3121 Bedroom1 Bathroom828LeasedView Floor Plans3D Tour
3131 Bedroom1 Bathroom925LeasedView Floor Plans3D Tour
3141 Bedroom1 Bathroom849Available Mid July$1,550View Floor Plans
3151 Bedroom1 Bathroom690LeasedView Floor Plans
3161 Bedroom1 Bathroom875LeasedView Floor Plans
4012 Bedroom1.5 Bathroom1,268LeasedView Floor Plans
4021 Bedroom1 Bathroom990LeasedView Floor Plans
4031 Bedroom1 Bathroom1,075LeasedView Floor Plans
4041 Bedroom1 Bathroom858LeasedView Floor Plans3D Tour
4051 Bedroom1 Bathroom1,046LeasedView Floor Plans3D Tour
4062 Bedroom1.5 Bathroom1,143LeasedView Floor Plans3D Tour
4072 Bedroom1 Bathroom1,082LeasedView Floor Plans3D Tour
4082 Bedroom1 Bathroom1,096LeasedView Floor Plans3D Tour
4091 Bedroom1 Bathroom818LeasedView Floor Plans
4101 Bedroom1 Bathroom812LeasedView Floor Plans
4111 Bedroom1 Bathroom847Available Mid August$1,600View Floor Plans
4121 Bedroom1 Bathroom828LeasedView Floor Plans